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We have ready-to-print fabrics available
are able to print on your custom fabric

You are able to choose from our in-stock fabrics from polyester, etc. or bring your own custom fabric choice.


Our fabrics vary from different ranges of weights and sizes. We have great color matching services and take quality as a high priority with the fastest local turn-around times in the industry.

If you decide to bring in your own fabrics, we will do available treatments and processes to have it printable.

POLYESTER: Scuba, Crepe Scuba, Crinkle Chiffon, Chiffon, Mesh, Charmeuse, CDC, Satin, Poly Suplex, Poly Techno, Georgette, Double Georgette, Poly Crepe, etc.


Poly Knit, Poly Jersey, Poly Spandex, Poly Swim, Fleece, Flannel also available.

Any Poly we can print. Please contact us for more information.

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