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We're proud to offer top-quality file setup services for digital fabric printing.

We recommend exporting your design files in .PSD or .TIFF formats, recognizing the importance of high-quality files. Our meticulous file setup process ensures a seamless transition of your digital designs to fabric. We're committed to excellence, aiming for impeccable final prints, and understanding the nuances of digital fabric printing, where details matter. Our dedication to quality sets us apart and delivers results that meet your expectations.

Our file setup process begins by considering the fabric's intended use. This crucial step influences print scale, color consistency, and fabric compatibility. By tailoring file setup to your final product's needs, we ensure precise transfer of your design to the fabric, preserving every detail. Whether your project is in fashion, home decor, or any other application, our meticulous approach guarantees your vision becomes a reality. With our industry-leading file setup service, trust us to bring your creative vision to life with precision and quality.

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