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Our expertise extends to two key methods: For natural fibers like cotton, silk, and linen, colorfast textile pigment printing and dye sublimation ink printing, each tailored to meet your unique fabric requirements. With colorfast textile pigment printing, we specialize in enhancing the beauty of natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and linen, ensuring rich blacks and vibrant colors that stay vivid. These prints are visually appealing and

practical, as they are washable, dry-cleanable, and iron-friendly,

ready for your cut-and-sew projects.

For polyester fabrics, our dye sublimation ink printing excels with its rich black ink, washability, dry-cleaning compatibility, and the convenience of steaming. Our readiness to work with our ready-to-print fabrics or your custom fabric choices sets us apart. You can choose from our in-stock fabrics, including various polyester options, or supply your own custom fabric, which we'll prepare to be printable. Our range of polyester fabrics spans from Scuba to Flannel, and we offer exceptional color-matching services,  always prioritizing quality. Plus, we take pride in providing the industry's fastest local turn-around times.

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