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The fabrics are washable and dry-cleanable. 

1. What is the minimum order?


There is a minimum of 3 yards per file and per fabric. 3 yards for Polyester, 5 yards for Cotton, and Silk is our minimum order.

2. What is the maximum yardage order?


We are a sample and small production printing company. The maximum printing we allow is up to 50 and possibly 100 yards. This is dependent on the fabric and design detail.

3. What is the turn around time?


After the file has been confirmed for printing, the turn around time is 5-10 days. Rush orders will cost up to the standard price without any bulk discounts. 

4. Are you able to print my design in repeat?


Yes, we are able to create the design to repeat.

5. How do I send you the file?


It is best to send the file as a .PSD or as a .Tiff. Please visit our Basics page under Services for more information.

6. Can I print on my fabric I purchased from somewhere else?


You can print on most fabrics but they will have to go through treatment and testing. Depending on yardage, we ask the clients to pay for treatment costs and shipping. Please be aware that even with treatment, the fabric of choice may not come out as desired. If the fabric itself has problems, peeling, unraveling, stiffening, etc, after the testing sample has been confirmed OK, payment will be required. 

7. Do you carry any ready-to-print fabrics?


Yes, we recommend using our in-stock fabric as they are pre-treated for our specific printers. You can make an appointment to come in and see samples.

8. What is color matching and why do I need it?


It is important to color-match the file to the choice of fabric as it will provide the most accurate colors you specifically chose. There will always be limitations to the ink colors on fabrics. For example, it is near impossible to print neon colors as vibrant on fabric. Color-matching also makes it easier to make any color changes for different color schemes. Without a color-matching file, we will print the file as is.

9. What is the maximum fabric width size I can print on?


Please look at our fabric list file for in-stock width sizes as each fabric differs. For personal fabrics, we are able to roll in 58" width size fabrics but will only be able to print on 54" width of that fabric.

10. Can I wash the fabric after it's been printed on?


The fabrics are washable and dry-cleanable. 

11. How can I make payment?

After confirming the invoice, we will send a PayPal. You can also send a check payable to Studio3eme.

12. There is a defect on the finished product. What should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible. In order to identify the problem and to come up with the best solution, we ask for you to physically show us the fabric. For grey goods fabric please read number 6.

13. Can I get a sample print?

At this moment, we don't offer free sample prints. We are able to provide strike-offs but the price of that service is the cost of the color-matching fee for each file.

14. What are your prices?

Our prices vary depending on fabric, file design, and bulk order. Prices can be negotiable so please contact us first.

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