digital fabric printing explanations

Digital FAbric Printing

Colorfast Textile Pigment Printing for Cotton, Silk, and Linen.

  •  Rich Blacks and Vibrant Colors

  •  Washable and Dry-Clean

  •  Ironing OK

  •  Ready for Cut and Sew 

Dye Sublimation Ink Printing for Polyesters

  •  Rich Black Ink

  •  Washable and Dry-Clean

  •  Steaming OK

  •  Ready for Cut and Sew

Why Digital Printing?

Different ways of fabric printing: Steaming, Silk Screen, and Digital Printing

Compared to the other options, Digital Printing is quicker in process. Steaming creates more vibrant colors but it takes longer and is not a viable option for samples, strike-offs, and for few yardage. Compared to silk screen printing, the prints on digital printing are more finely detailed. The final outcome between silk screen and digital printing is entirely different.